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AUTHOR Better! Whangarei DATE 13 Oct 2019

Congratulations to all of the candidates who were successful in gaining a seat on the Whangarei District Council. We look forward to working with them all over the next three years to make Whangarei a better place to work, live and play.


Merle Mancer:

DATE: 14 Oct 2019 - 14:59 PM

It is my sincere hope that the candidates voted in by the people will be genuinely working hard to put vibrancy into Whangarei. Just in the area of general housekeeping there lacks intelligent leadership and attention. i.e. Invasive weeds are rampant all along state highway one including in recently planted areas, and in many of the arterial roadways. The very poor condition of the road surfaces throughout Whangarei are beyond belief, there is no attention given to large tree planting in appropriate areas to aid Corbin monoxide absorption and the list goes on. The question has to be asked if council can't get the basics right around how Whangarei looks, how do they propose to attract investment here. Where is the much needed Westfield style high rise shopping complex? A retail hub that would put the heart into Whangarei and capture money that at present goes to Auckland. Where are the hotels for tourists, the conference centers, the venues for international shows? Whangarei is not prepared for cruise ships or to reap the rewards from that source should we be fortunate to have them come. The hospitality industry has room to grow in anticipation of expansion in tourism. So let's see if the elected Mayor and councillors can get the four lane highway, the rail and port underway alongside the basics. How will the leadership play out? Will there be consultation with interested groups? Will there be progress in big investment from those who see Whangarei as being worth it?


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