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How they voted: Climate change

AUTHOR Better! Whangarei DATE 18 Aug 2019

How they voted:

A motion seeking the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill going through Parliament be amended to bring forward the target for net-zero emissions for by 20 years to 2030, from 2050.

For: Mayor Mai, Crs Benney, Christie, Cocurullo, Cutforth, Hermon, Innes; Murphy

Against: Crs Deeming, Halse, Martin, Morgan.

Absent: Cr Glen


Ken :

DATE: 02 Oct 2019 - 12:34 PM

Good article. How are you carbon neutral by 1000tonnes per year? I want to do the same. Thanks

Dave Blackley:

DATE: 07 Sep 2019 - 19:22 PM

Heres a scientific fact from a biotechnology expert Proffessor Frederic Leroy. Globally, livestock are responsible for a mere 4% of greenhouse gases, transport and energy a whopping 50% and if the entire planet became vegans we would only reduce our carbon footprint by 6%. I am carbon negative by around 1000 tonnes per annum due to my efforts, how carbon negative are all those who wish to force their beliefs on others. I am tired of the contradictions. Our Mayor states a climate emergency, then continues to develop upon a toxic rubbish tip surrounded by water in our harbour!! whilst also approving intensive developments which further increases our Carbon footprint and then I see her in the Koru lounge jet-setting to places unknown in what is fast becomes the most destructive form of transport other than perhaps shipping...oh and we want those cruise liners too. Can we just have some old fashioned common sense rather than emotive chit chat.


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