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How they voted: Climate change emergency declared

AUTHOR Better! Whangarei DATE 12 Aug 2019

How they voted: That the WDC declares a climate change emergency for the Whangarei District.

7 FOR: Mayor Mai, Crs Innes (WHG Heads), Benney (Denby), Cutforth (Denby), Christie (Denby), Glen (Okara), Hermon (Okara) 

2 AGAINST: Deeming (Bream Bay), Halse (Bream Bay).

1 ABSTAINED: Cocurullo (Okara)

3 ABSENT: Martin, Morgan, Murphy.


Bill BJ:

DATE: 26 Aug 2019 - 11:03 AM

Ridiculous to think that they voted as such, all those yes voters need to go, I wonder how may other decisions thye have made without doing the research! I bet not one of them can provide a scientific paper showing the evidence that co2 causes global warming. If there was scientific evidence showing this, don't you think they would have such papers within the agenda? Dont you think if there was scientific evidence that it would be front and central of all climate assertions?! Wouldnt the worlds scientists be working to improve the reliability and methods of gaining such evidence? It doesn't exists because noon has been able to provide it. The best study done by the Standford team shows absolute minimum levels of forcing, which is not warming, and also is contradicted by the fact that one of the test site which showed forcing...actually cooled over the ten year period. Policy without evidence is very poor leadership.


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