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Its depressing

AUTHOR Frank Newman DATE 29 Sep 2019

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It's depressing.

That is, listening to the candidates standing for the Coastal Central Constituency of the Northland Regional Council. Virtually all stressed the need for immediate action to avoid the end of humanity. They were like old versions of Greta Thunderberg, but with a smile rather than a scowl. On the impending calamity, they and Greta were on the same page of the hymn book.

But, like Greta the candidates were much less certain about what we must do to avert disaster. One suggested converting the NRC vehicle fleet to electric, which perked the audience up as it did offer of a glimmer of hope that the Earth may be habitable by the time our great-grandchildren arrive.

Fortunately, the mood brightened considerably after the Regional Council candidates gave us their prophecies. It was then the turn of the District Council hopefuls. The attention turned to potholes and footpaths. The highlight was Councillor Murphy extolling her achievements of the last three years. High on the list was a new section of footpath outside the Ngunguru Hall. It was great to see that a few metres of footpath is still important, even during this time of global crisis. As heartening as it was, regrettably I couldn't help but feel I was one of the passengers on the Titanic as the band played "Nearer, My God, To Thee".


Frank Newman served two terms as a councillor on the Whangarei District Council. The views expressed are personal and do not purport to represent the views of Better!Whangarei. 


robert geue:

DATE: 03 Oct 2019 - 11:53 AM

A reasonably good piece. I was embarrassed to watch Gretas performance and feel this girl was a stooge for other groups. It was overacted and lacked anything new. Yes a few metre of footpath is important as are the removal of potholes. Attending to these sorts of issues are what ratepayers care about, not so much multi million dollar new council offices, Hotels in the way of rising sea levels or streamlining papertrails.


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