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We need a decent shopping mall

AUTHOR Frank Newman DATE 01 Dec 2019

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We need a decent Westfield-type shopping mall in Whangarei.

It's pretty amazing that a city of our size does not have one. Let's face it - the glassworks shopping precinct is pretty downmarket - it's not the "shopping experience" that consumers elsewhere receive, and the CBD is barely breathing.

As I see it, there a couple of sites that come to mind. The Glassworks site or the block between the Cameron Street Mall and the Town Basin (the area between Walton, Rathbone, Robert and Quay streets.

My preference would be the city location. It would help connect the CBD and the Town Basin and revitalise the CBD area, with the existing CBD "hanging off" the side of the mall itself. That could be the catalysts for the CBD to become a hospitality and inner-city living area.

Who best to promote such a scheme? The WDC. It should act as a facilitator between the existing landowners and potential developers. Will it?   


Merle Mancer:

DATE: 02 Dec 2019 - 18:26 PM

A Westfield type mall ? Absolutely needed, it seems to me this is another missing link in promoting Whangarei as the gateway to the North. Building this in the CBD area would give heart to the business hub as mentioned and the flow on effect would inject the vitality we so long for. Certainly it makes sense to position it close to the Basin creating continuity to the visitors experience at the same time as stimulating an upgrade and beautification of all connecting spaces. Business is about people, no people, no money! Creating beautiful spaces that are people focused and which cater for exceptional shopping experiences is an investment well worth the effort. With forward thinking and integrated planning the CBD would be a real draw card for Whangarei. People make cities flourish let's get them here!


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